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THURSday, 3 MAY 2018  |  Doors at 19:30, Music from 20:00

The Burying Ground formed in 2014 as a duo, but Woody Forster and Devora Laye frequently perform their tight, torchy, old-timey Americana with a complement of wonderful instrumentalists — from strings large to strings small, from trumpets to tubas.  This event is a fundraiser to get them on their way to their first European tour.

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THURSday, 24 MAY 2018  |  Doors at 19:30, Music from 20:00

This rock-and-roll community choir brings tight four-part harmony arrangements to songs you know and love.  Join them for a rolicking end-of-term performance.

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Saturday, 16 June 2018  |  Doors at 19:30, Music from 20:00

The great Nova Scotia songwriter will take a break from Los Angeles, where he will be recording the follow-up to his East Coast Music Award nominated “Yes Man”, to join us in Vancouver for an intimate, soulful evening.

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Saturday, 29 June 2018  |  Doors at 19:30, Music from 20:00

Daughter of the Moon — none other than Vancouver’s sublime songwriter Natalie Ramsay — celebrates the release of her new album.  Come celebrate with her.

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Don Alder

FriDAY, 6 JUly 2018  |  DOORS AT 19:30, MUSIC FROM 20:00

Vancouver’s internationally acclaimed fingerstyle guitar legend returns home after a three month European tour to blow down our house.  Don picks, strums, beats, and cajoles an orchestra-worth of sound from an acoustic guitar.  Like superman, he bends steel (strings) with his bare hands.

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